100 common words in sentences 30/10
Ep. 11

100 common words in sentences 30/10

Episode description

  1. It is only there.
  2. You will like your work.
  3. Have you been out?
  4. Was he with her?
  5. I can go now.
  6. We must say that.
  7. Would the people come?
  8. She has a great work.
  9. There are more over there.
  10. Such men may go in.
  11. These men may come first.
  12. All but you have been there.
  13. It was as little as that.
  14. You should not have said it.
  15. How has he made up your work?
  16. He has been very well.
  17. No man said more than that.
  18. He may not do any more.
  19. We must like this.
  20. Are they like them?